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  • Why single serve packets?
    Most of our competitors bottle their extract in 8 to 12 ounce bottles that require refrigeration upon opening and cost from 25 to 40 dollars a bottle. Once open refrigeration time is also limited. Our aim is to provide a convenient on the go product that can also be purchased in desired quantities to support a single person or an entire family. You choose how many and how much, based on your budget.
  • What is WEE extraction process?
    Our processing consists of gently heating berries and extraction of the extract at temperatures that satisfy FDA requirements but also provide for maximum retention of all the goodness that elderberries are all about.
  • How long has WEE been in business?
    WEE has been planting since 2013. Currently at just under 6,000 plants at various ages and stages of growth. 2020 is our first commercial year.
  • How many years does it take for elderberries reach maturity?
    Elderberry plants take from 6 to 8 years to reach maturity. At maturity, the plant has a root system that can sustain and produce large clusters of elderberries. To learn more about growing elderberries, click here:
  • Can I take more than one packet a day?
    The amount of elderberry consumed is dependent on each individual. Body weight, size, metabolism, age, diet, and in conjunction with other foods and or supplements. We have found that elderberry as a supplement is best consumed in a way that allows slow absorption into the body. If more than one packet is consumed per day, we suggest that you space the packets by 8 hours each and only for a few days. Lots of information can be found on this topic on the internet. If unsure, consult with a medical professional before consuming.
  • Can I take elderberry everyday?
    We generally take it for 20 out of 30 days. But have taken it everyday for long periods of time. Elderberry has slight diuretic effects. More information on this topic can be found searching the internet.
  • Is this product Organic?
    No, we are not currently certified as organic. However we follow sustainable agricultural practices and do NOT use pesticides or herbicides on any of production plants. Unfortunately, the cost of transitioning to organic labeled product would likely undermine our goal to provide elderberry at a reasonable cost.
  • How do you suggest I consume a packet?
    We suggest mixing it into any 6 to 8 ounce beverage of your choosing. It's also good mixed into a pudding cup, or poured over a bowl of ice cream.
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